Typical Day

Typical Day at Moordown Pre-school

Our day starts with all the children coming into pre-school with their parent/carer. This is a great time for you to let us know how your child has been during their time away from Pre-school. You will have an opportunity to talk to Suzie or Becky and your child’s key person about anything you need too. Your child is then encouraged to find their name & take part in self registration, you & their key person will support your child with this if needed. Your child can leave their bag, coats, wellies and anything else on their chair.

There are several activities set up for the morning and lots of free choice assessable equipment for your child to settle into an activity, so you leave them happily engaged in something fun.

Once all the parents have gone, we have an opportunity then, to go into the school’s big playground for a run around, play games and have some physical activity time in a large area.

When we return inside, Children are encouraged to have a drink from their water bottles. We then have a short circle time, where we say hello to everyone, talk about our activities for that day & any activities the children would like to do, this could be cooking, painting, going for a walk, setting up a specific role play area to name a few.

After our circle time, the children have free choice of activities and free flow of playing inside or outside, right up until tidy up time before story time & lunch.

Our calm book area, is somewhere children can enjoy quiet time, looking at books & magazine and also have a story read to them by a member of the team.

Some children stay for Lunch and some stay for the afternoon session. During lunch time, staff eat their lunch with the children, encouraging good eating habits, being good role models & helping to create a calm, socialable time.  At Pre-school pick up time, you are welcomed into the pre-school to collect your child, giving you another opportunity to talk to any of the team & we can let you know how your child has been whilst in our care & some of the activities they have taken part in.You will also see updates on your child’s online learning journal on EYLOG.